The CLOUD project was created to promote development and independence in people with disabilities by working with staff members, the individuals, and families to create a customized plan to transition to a semi-independent living arrangement.  This service-based model systematically decreases the need supervision while ensuring

health, safety, and protection needs are consistently met.
The CLOUD Project utilizes a variety of supports including community resources, technology, electronic monitoring and self-management programs to support the Achievement plan and ensure each individual’s ongoing success.

Built into The CLOUD Project are fidelity checks to ensure all standardized training programs and approved teaching strategies are effective and appropriately utilized.  Skills checks are performed for both participants and staff and serve to guide ongoing skill development across staff. Satisfaction surveys, consumer interviews, and supports intensity scale interviews, along with the review of the participant support plan provide a quantitative data analysis of this evidence-based program. 

  Residential Options

   The CLOUD